1. Select the input type of your data files (xml|text)
  2. Select the source language and case
  3. Select the target language and case
  4. Upload the files (max. 200K each, UTF-8 Unicode):
    1. one sentence per line.
    2. all files MUST have the same number of lines.
    3. one source text file.
    4. at least one, and up to five, candidate translations.
    5. at least one, and up to five, reference translations.
  5. Select the subset of candidate and reference translations to evaluate (default: all).
  6. Select the metrics (default selection is provided).
  7. Click on the "Run Asiya!" button.
    1. Execution should take from one to five minutes for English, and a just a few seconds for other languages (no linguistic processors are used).