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Asiya On-line Interface and tSearch application

The on-line version of Asiya allows you to obtain automatic evaluation scores according to a selected set of metric representatives, together with the ULC combined score (i.e., arithmetic mean) over a heuristically defined set of metrics. Then, you can analyse your translations using the tools provided, such as the interactive plots and the automatic linguistic annotations.

The tSearch application has been designed to assist MT developers to search translations in the testbeds according to the MT quality criteria.

If you have your own data already evaluated with Asiya, you don't need to run Asiya again. Just upload the complete folder to fill in the databases needed by the tSearch application.

If you need to evaluate your translations, use the Online interface to run Asiya. Then, you don't need to upload the results, they will be loaded for you in databases.

Note: IE is not fully supported by Asiya. Please, you may need to use Firefox or Chrome to use all the functionalities of the interfaces. We will fix this issue in future releases.

Asiya Video Demos.

Watch the videos to learn more about using Asiya Online interfaces.
They were recorded for the MOOC on Approaches to Machine Translation

[Intro Asiya & Asiya command line]

[Asiya Web Service]

[Asiya Online + Demo]

[Asiya tSearch + Demo]